"If you're not outside, you're not living"

"If you're not outside, you're not living"

The good life, we all want it but we are not sure how to get there.  Life is so busy, family, work, and all the distractions that life brings.  How can we relax?  How can we enjoy what life has to offer before our time slips away?


I was a busy mom, working around the clock for my family, overtime, extra jobs, businesses, constantly juggling....to the point of depression and overwhelm.  I put everyone before me.  That's what I was supposed to do, right?  I had every reason in the book why I had to be busy, take on more things, take care of everyone.  I never seemed to have the money to enjoy the simple things.  It was a perpetual hamster wheel.

Until one day I jumped off the wheel to freedom.   My kids were older, I left my marriage, left my career that made me miserable and started to explore things that were cheap, free and easy to do.  Nature.  Exploring our great outdoors and spending time in some of the most hidden places that are right before our eyes that we are unable to see.  I lived in one of the most beautiful parts of Ontario.  Georgian Bay, surrounded by vast sandy beaches, Bruce National Park, blue waters, waterfalls and so many beautiful things to look at and photograph.  When I left Georgian Bay region, I knew I had to be somewhere awesome.

A huge leap of faith brought me out to Calgary area.  Western Canada's gem.  Some of the most beautiful places in the world are a short drive away.  My days are spent exploring, hiking, kayaking and cycling in the most beautiful places in Canada.  I love to find the perfect spot and set my hammock up and just admire the beautiful surroundings.  Bring a picnic, bottle of wine, cheese and chocolate, enjoy nature and peace.  Its romantic, serene and peaceful.  Even alone.

I started this website and my social media following to share the simple things in life that we are all missing.  Just being peaceful and content and explore and enjoy what mother earth has to offer.

My stress levels have dropped.  My anxiety has eased now that I live more simply.  I encourage each and every one of you to get out, slow down and simply live.  Follow me on tik tok, Instagram and Facebook, Id love for you to share your travels and adventures.  Grab a hammock and simply BREATHE!!  





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