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Silver Safety Razor set

Silver Safety Razor set

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This is your entry point into the world of luxury shaving. Made from high-quality zinc alloy, each tool has an impressive weight that makes for a smoother shaving experience. 

As a bonus, this razor reduces plastic waste and usually pays for itself within a year. 


Why Switch to a Classic Safety Razor Set?

Save Money: Not only do safety razors provide a great close shave (coupled with the Feather Japanese made blades) but are also way more economical than disposable razors.

Great for Sensitive Skin: Multi-blade razors are becoming a thing of the past as we discover how harsh they can be on the skin (especially sensitive skin) causing razor burn, in-grown hairs, razor bumps and leaving your skin dryer than they should after taking off way more than they should.

Great for the Environment: They also don't cause excess plastic waste leaving not only your skin happy but also the environment. We believe it's time to switch to a better more economical and environmentally friendly shave.

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