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township 27

TWP27 The Viking Rajing Cajun

TWP27 The Viking Rajing Cajun

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The third offering in our collaboration with Chef Marc, the Viking Chef!


This is our version of a traditional cajun spice blend.




We have replaced the cayenne pepper normally found in a cajun rub with a blend of chiles that provides similar heat to cayenne, but with huge flavor!




This blend will quickly become a staple in your blend cupboard. It is fantastic on all meats and seafood, vegetables, cheese, sauces, crema's, eggs and pretty much anything you want to try it on!




4 oz. jar Product wt. 80 gm.




Ingredients: Sweet smoked spanish paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, 4 pepper blend, salt, organic cane sugar, oregano, chiles, thyme

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